Imagine a conference where the traditional, stiff rules of engagement are broken and where participants interactively drive the discussion. A place where creativity and collaboration are not just encouraged but are at the very heart and soul of the event. 

Welcome to the second Helmholtz AI Unconference – experience the power of dynamic scientific collaboration!

An unconference is a unique approach to scientific collaboration, which breaks the walls of the traditional, structured and formal conference format. Unlike with a traditional conference, at an unconference there is no set schedule, keynote speaker, or designated topic. Instead, researchers pitch the hot topics they are passionate about, start conversations, find collaborators and, with the help of a wide spectrum of experts, learn how to solve some of the hardest problems of their field.

Regardless of whether you are looking for help with that final step of your project, inspiration for a new approach to an old problem, or anything in between, the possibilities are endless at an unconference.

Before the event starts in the morning of 12 June, submit your idea as an issue on GitHub and welcome your colleagues’ comments. On the day you will have the chance to pitch your topic in 1 minute to create themed discussion sessions, where small groups will meet to explore the submitted topics in more detail.

Unconferences put the emphasis on building relationships and bolstering a fast-paced, collaborative research community. As an attendee you will be encouraged to connect with other participants and share your experience, thoughts and ideas as you see fit, and enjoy this uniquely engaging and rewarding event.

The Helmholtz AI Unconference is awaiting you – share your ideas, connect with like-minded researchers, and push the boundaries of science!